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College Basketball

Prop bets

Will any team go undefeated during the regular season?





Traditional sports betting methods like moneylines, point spreads, and totals are the most common betting types for bettors.

However, some bettors may want to try more interesting, fun, and unique bets. If you’re that kind of bettor, then you might enjoy prop betting.

In college basketball betting, what prop bets can you place? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to bet on the USC Trojans to reach the Elite Eight round or the Villanova Wildcats to reach 50 points first in their first-round game. provides a guide to college basketball prop betting. This article includes the types of bets you can place and the strategies to make you a better prop bettor.

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NCAA Basketball Prop Bets Explained

College basketball prop bets are stakes placed on outcomes that have no relationship to the final score in an NCAA basketball game.

Oddsmakers focus more on moneylines, point spreads, and totals because these bet types have a higher betting volume in college basketball compared to prop bets.

However, prop bets allow you to back unique and exciting props, like which team scores first or if a player manages to steal the ball. Prop bets can also be a source of extra profit, so consider placing stakes on props.

Popular College Basketball Prop Bets

Team Prop Bets

These bets focus on team performance rather than individual play.

Take the following example:

First Team to Score 20 Points
Team Odds
Houston Cougars -150
Oregon State Beavers +130

This team matchup prop is a simple bet on which team will score 20 points first.

The Houston Cougars are the favorites at -150, while the Oregon State Beavers are the underdogs at +130.

If you placed a bet on the team that scores 20 points first, you win the bet. This prop is unlikely to end in a tie, so there is no need to set half-points to the odds.

Unless otherwise stated, all props are inclusive of overtime play.

Player Prop Bets

These prop bets are for betting on individual player performances. Some categories to bet on include a player’s points, rebounds, and assists.

This is an example:

Avery Anderson III (Oklahoma State) Points
Bet Odds
Over 20.5 Points -110
Under 20.5 Points -110

Player prop bets are similar to a totals or over/under bet. In the example, the bet is whether Anderson’s points will go over or under 20.5 points.

Both bets have odds set by the oddsmaker at -110, meaning bettors have to stake $110 to win $100.

A half-point (.5) is placed on the bet to prevent a tie or a push. This means Anderson can only score by 21 points or more (over) or 20 points or less (under).

If Anderson scores 22 and you bet over, you win the bet.

NCAA Basketball Championship Game Prop Bets

Some propositions are created exclusively for the NCAA Tournament. These are called the March Madness prop bets.

These stake types are typically not focused on individual games. They are instead related to seeding and which teams will advance in their respective brackets. Some examples include:

  • Will a team from the West Region win the NCAA national title?
  • Will a team from the First Four make it to the Final Four?
  • Will a Seed No. 1 team win the NCAA Championship?

Suppose you bet that a first-seeded team will win the championship.

If the Michigan Wolverines, the Illinois Fighting Illini, the Baylor Bears, and the Gonzaga Bulldogs are the first-seeded teams and any of them win the championship, then you win the bet.

Prop Betting on NCAA Tournament Conferences, Teams, and Seeds

Team Prop Bets to Win a Region

One of the popular NCAA Tournament prop bets that bettors look forward to is the “Odds to Win Region” bet.

“Odds to Win Region” is similar to moneyline bets, and bettors stake on teams they believe will win in each of the four regional conferences.

If you bet on the Iowa Hawkeyes to win for the West Region at +200, your payout will have a $200 profit for every $100 you stake. If you bet on the Arkansas Razorbacks for the South at -200, you can win $100 for every $200 you stake.

Head-to-Head Team Props

A head-to-head team props bet may be a good alternative if you are into futures betting but want fewer risks.

A futures bet on a First Four team reaching the Final Four is very risky because of the number of rounds the team has to win before reaching the national championship. A head-to-head bet may give you better chances of winning.

For example, a prop bet on whether or not the Kansas Jayhawks will win more NCAA Tournament games than the Texas Tech Raiders may be better than a futures bet on the First Four’s UCLA Bruins to reach the final round.

Conferences and Seeds

NCAA Tournament prop bets can also include betting on conferences and seeds.

For example, you might bet on a fourth-seeded team to win the tournament. You can also stake if any of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) teams, like the Florida State Seminoles, will make it to the Elite Eight round.

Prop Bets on NCAA Basketball Games

Some props may include team point totals, point spreads, or O/U bets good only for the first half of the game.

As the March Madness Tournament progresses, more player props will be placed on individual games. Some examples include which player makes the most rebounds or will sink more three-point shots into the basket.

College Basketball Prop Betting Strategy

While prop bets can be a fun and exciting way to bet on college basketball, strategies can also help you maximize your winning potential.

Some strategies for college basketball prop betting include:

Look for Sportsbooks With College Player Props

To bet on college basketball prop bets, you need to find sportsbooks that allow these kinds of bets. Some sportsbooks allow NBA prop betting but might not have college basketball props.

Do Some Line Shopping

Compared to traditional bets like point spreads or totals carefully analyzed by oddsmakers, prop bets may have a higher chance of being off the mark.

Consider shopping for props in various sportsbooks. There is a chance for an unfavorable bet in one betting site and better odds in another. With, we strive to find the sharpest possible odds for a betting experience like no other.

Understand the Sport

Study the teams, players, and conferences to determine which ones will provide the best value for your bets. You can research team and player stats or check the news or social media.

College basketball props do not have very high bet limits. If you plan to place more than a few hundred dollars on one bet, consider finding multiple sportsbooks to place your prop bets on.

March Madness Prop Betting Strategy

Like placing prop bets on regular college basketball games, you also need strategies for March Madness props.

Consider the following strategies:

Use Multiple Sports Betting Sites

In addition to line shopping with multiple sportsbooks, some bettors may place their bets through more than one betting site.

With, you can place your bets all through a single website that is committed to offering you the sharpest odds possible. Bet through us for prop odds that you may not find in other sportsbooks, or more traditional types like moneylines and totals.

Maximize Your Bonus Offers

March Madness is a college basketball tournament season that commonly has a high volume of bets.

For many sportsbooks, this time is an opportunity to offer bonuses, especially for enticing new bettors. Some of these bonuses include deposit bonuses upon the first signup.

Most Popular March Madness Betting Props

March Madness prop bets are mostly easy to understand because they are focused chiefly on players and teams, similar to traditional prop bets.

For example, you can bet on the Alabama Crimson Tide to be the first team to score 20 points. You can also place bets on a player to score over or under a set number of points.

Player Props

In most online betting sites, player props are the most common prop bet. Because you can bet on a variety of player-specific bets, such as the number of points a player makes, their rebounds, and assists, consider betting on player props for more opportunities to profit.

For example:

Trayce Jackson-Davis (Indiana Hoosiers) - Rebounds
Bet Odds
Over 10.5 -115
Under 10.5 -115

In the table above, the bet is on the number of rebounds Trayce Jackson-Davis will make in the game. You can bet on whether his actual number of rebounds will go over or under the score set by the oddsmaker.

If you bet over and Jackson-Davis scores 11 rebounds or more, you win the bet.

If you bet under, you win the bet if he scores 10 rebounds or less.

Team Props

These bets focus on the team’s performance.

Some props include which team will be the first to score 50 points or which team will sink a three-pointer first.

NCAAB Tournament Live Betting Props

Prop bets can also happen during live tournament betting. If you want to look for interesting and unique bets, take the opportunity to bet on March Madness and look for prop bets.

March Madness Props Pool Betting

In some cases, bettors may want to make their March Madness prop bets more exciting by gathering fellow bettors and pooling their bets together.

Through pool betting, you can invite a group of friends, pool your money, and create a list of prop bets to play among yourselves. The one who gets the most number of correct bets wins the pool.

How to Get Better at Betting March Madness Props

The following are some suggestions to further improve your prop betting skills.

Monitor Injuries and Player or Team Statistics

Injuries and team roster changes may affect college basketball betting odds.

For example, an injured star player may lower the team’s performance in the next game, affecting how bettors place their bets.

Follow March Madness Writers On Social Media

Some sports beat writers follow college basketball developments closely and post updates on social media. These writers might provide helpful information that can influence a March Madness bettor’s decisions.

Follow these writers on social media to receive updates faster so you can make betting decisions ahead of other bettors and, sometimes, oddsmakers, too.

Prop Betting FAQs

  1. Does my state allow online sports betting?

While sports gambling in the US is legal, different states may have varying regulations. Some may allow online sports betting, while some may not. Check your state’s sports gambling laws for more information.

  1. Where can I place NCAA basketball prop bets?

Place your prop bets with us at We are a safe, trusted, and legally operating online betting site.

  1. What are the most fun college basketball prop bets?

It depends, but the best bets are usually those that offer the most value to your stake. For example, you can bet “over” on a player known for making a significant number of three-pointers during a matchup. advocates responsible gambling to minimize or prevent gambling problems from arising. For questions, chat with us through our 24/7 customer service.

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