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World Series


World Series Futures Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers


Houston Astros


New York Yankees


Atlanta Braves


Chicago White Sox


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Toronto Blue Jays


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Arizona Diamondbacks


Baltimore Orioles


After a long tiring winter, baseball is back, and so is MLB Betting. Whether you’re a pro bettor or a casual fan interested in betting on the World Series, baseball presents unique betting options that could get you some major coin. 

Still hesitant to bet on the MLB? In this article, we show you how to bet on baseball, particularly on the World Series. Who knows? You might become the Hammerin’ Hank of MLB betting.

At, we have a user-friendly interface designed to ensure transparency, security, and simplicity of use. We are a licensed sportsbook, so you can be sure that you’re legally betting on MLB games.

MLB World Series Odds

The MLB World Series is often scheduled for the third week of October and has typically been called the “Fall Classic.” 

The World Series futures odds are available right away at most sportsbooks every season after the previous campaign has ended.

Some sports betting operators even release the future odds while the MLB playoffs are still ongoing. 

In MLB, bookmakers don’t make a particular team a decisive favorite. Since MLB is the major sports league with the longest season, anything can happen. So, it’s not unusual to find three or four baseball teams with World Series Odds listed below 10/1 (the bet is $100 to win $1,000). 

World Series Odds Halfway Through 2021 MLB Season 

The 2021 MLB trade is over, and the season stretch run has started. With under 60 games remaining, the Los Angeles Dodgers are still the betting favorites and a strong contender in the 2021 MLB World Series odds. 

As of August 9, 2021, the Dodgers have been the favorite to win the season with +300. They may also be the first team to win back-to-back since the New York Yankees won three consecutive times from 1998 to 2000.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are 67-45 straight up through 112 matchups of the 2021 season. Oddsmakers see the Dodgers with the best rosters in the MLB, including the league’s most significant rotations comprising National League Cy Young talents.

The following squads on the odds board for the first week of August are the Houston Astros and the Chicago White Sox. Both teams sat at the number two spot with +500. The San Francisco Giants followed them with +800.

Like the Dodgers, the White Sox acquired a pair of leverage relievers from the Chicago Cubs. The White Sox are eyeing the American League (AL) title with Eloy Jimenez, Liam Hendriks, and Craig Kimbrel. 

On the other hand, the New York Yankees have been at the tenth spot in MLB World Series odds. The Yanks have dropped to +1600 despite the deadline acquisition of Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo. 

The Yankees have been struggling to secure a position in the AL East. They have been sitting in third place at 61-50 SU through 111 matchups in the division. 

Why Are the Dodgers Favored to Win the 2021 World Series? 

Having secured their first World Series title in 1998, the Los Angeles Dodgers are in the best position for another run this year. 

The Dodgers were buyers during the 2021 trade deadline. Aside from adding Max Scherzer to their elite pitching staff, they also picked star infielder Trea Turner from the Washington Nationals. 

Overall, the Dodgers improved in every aspect. They’re expected to flex their might as the season progresses. 

Since Trea Turner is slated to join Max Muncy, Justin Turner, and Mookie Betts, oddsmakers anticipate that the squad will anchor the batting lineup for most of the 2021 season.

Last year, the Dodgers overcame injuries to the pitching staff and performed well even if star outfielder Cody Bellinger wasn’t on his game.

Although Bellinger hit .175 and swat only seven homers, the Dodgers still have one of the highest-ranked lineups in the MLB. They ranked within the top five in home runs, on-base percentage, and RBIs (runs batted in). 

Will the San Diego Padres Challenge the Dodgers in the National League (NL)?

Last season, the San Diego Padres were very entertaining to watch because their rosters were having fun and seemed so happy to be there. 

The Padres have a firm batting order led by Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr. Both are candidates for the 2021 National League MVP.

Many baseball fans are rooting for Tatis. His outstanding defense and ability to hit for power have made him one of the most exciting players to watch this season.

Tatis is still near the top of the MLB league in home runs, even with his recent injury. In the MVP race, he’s also one of the NL’s few stars shoving off Jacob deGrom of the NY Mets and Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies.

During the offseason, the pitching trio of the Padres’ Yu Darvish, Joe Musgrove, and Blake Snell shut down opposing batting orders.

Darvish, in particular, proved that he’s a worthy investment. In 128.2 innings pitched, he was able to make a 3.42 ERA, 0.99 WHIP, and a total of 154 strikeouts. 

On the other hand, Musgrove made franchise history by tossing the first no-hitter during the Padres game against the Texas Rangers earlier in the 2021 season. 

Oddsmakers predict that if Darvish and Musgrove step up their game, the San Diego Padres will be in the National League playoffs.

Futures Bets on MLB World Series Odds

When you visit our sportsbook, you can choose a baseball team you think will win in the World Series and bet on it. This type of bet is called futures bet because you’re betting on events that will take place in the future. 

Generally, oddsmakers release the Fall Classic’s action before the season begins. They then adjust the baseball betting lines as teams stumble and surge in the standings. 

Below are examples of odds:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers +375
  • New York Yankees +375
  • Houston Astros +1,200
  • Atlanta Braves +1,200
  • Minnesota Twins +1,500 

The team with the lowest World Series odds is the nearest favorite in MLB futures bets. It’s different from a moneyline bet, where there’s a clear favorite and underdog team.

In this example, the Dodgers and Yankees are the favorites. In contrast, the team with the highest odds is the closest thing to an underdog. So it’s the Twins who are unlikely to win.

If you were to lay down $100 on the Minnesota Twins at the start of the 2021 season and they won the World Series, you’d receive a payout of $1,600. Your bet amount of $100 will return to you, plus your winnings worth $1,500. 

On the other hand, a hundred-dollar bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers would give you a payout of $475. You’ll also get your $100 back and your loot of $375. 

The earlier you make futures bets, the better. MLB World Series odds fluctuate depending on a team’s overall performance. You’ll see higher returns as the league progresses.

Major League Baseball History

World Series Postseason History

1903: After two years of disagreement between the upstart American League and the long-established National League, the two circuits agreed to a postseason series to crown an interleague champion, a best-of-nine “World’s Championship Series.”

1905: During the postseason series in 1905, the NL champion Giants refused to face the 1904 AL champs Boston Pilgrims. 

The World Series was already established as an annual tradition during those years, with 1994 being the only year when the game didn’t happen due to players’ strikes.

1921: The New York Yankees won the first of an MLB-record 27 World Series titles.

1949-53: The New York Yankees won a record of five consecutive World Series.

1955: Johnny Podres of the Brooklyn Dodgers, now Los Angeles Dodgers, was the first recipient of the World Series MVP Award. 

1956: The New York Yankees’ Don Larsen spun the only perfect game in World Series history.

1969: The New York Mets became the first expansion team to appear in and win the World Series.

1992: The World Series was held outside the United States for the first time. The Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Atlanta Braves in six games.

2001: The World Series was extended to November for the first time.

2003-2016: The All-Star Game winner gets to have home-field advantage in the World Series.

2016: The Chicago Cubs ended the longest championship drought in World Series history after winning their first Fall Classic since 1908.

2020: During the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Series was played at the Globe Lief Field in Arlington for the first time. 

Most Head-to-Head MLB World Series Games

Below is the list of teams with the most head-to-head matchups:

Baseball Teams Number of Matchups in World Series 
New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Dodgers  11
New York Yankees vs. San Francisco Giants 
New York Yankees vs. St. Louis Cardinals
New York Yankees vs. Atlanta Braves 
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox 
Chicago Cubs vs. Detroit Tigers 
Oakland Athletics vs. San Francisco Giants 

Archived World Series Odds as of 2020

The Best World Series Matchups of All Time

While some MLB games look good on records, not all play out that way on the field. Usually, other matchups that seem uninteresting give sports fans some of the most memorable moments in baseball history.

San Francisco Giants vs. Kansas City Royals 

There were lopsided finishes during this 2014 Giants-Royals matchup. Still, it was a fantastic game for the tense Giants with a 3-2 record in Game 7. 

The superb, big-time pitching of Madison Bumgarner of the Giants made all the difference. After one earned run and seven hits over 16 innings in Games 1 and 5, Bumgarner tossed five scoreless innings of relief in Game 7 to win the title for San Francisco. 

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Baltimore Orioles

During the Pittsburgh-Baltimore matchup in 1979, the Pirates became the fourth team to fight back from a 3-1 standing successfully. They beat Baltimore two consecutive times, both on the road in Game 7 in the World Series. 

Miami Marlins vs. Cleveland Indians

Neither the Marlins nor the Indians won back-to-back games in 1997. Miami had a home-field advantage, but they only won twice at their yard. The first one was in Game 1, and the other one was in Game 7.

Craig Counsell of the Marlins tied the game in the ninth inning. On the other hand, his teammate, Edgar Renteria, lined a rope off Indians’ pitcher Charles Nagy’s glove and into the center field. Counsell then scored and gave the Marlins their first World Series championship. 

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Milwaukee Brewers 

Milwaukee held a 3-2 lead after winning Games 4 and 5 at home. The Brewers were on the verge of bringing a World Series crown to Milwaukee for the first time. 

However, the Cardinals had a better idea. They overcame a 3-1 deficit in the finale by scoring three times in Game 6 for a 6-3 victory. St. Louis earned their ninth of their 11 World Series championships. 

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. New York Yankees

The Arizona-New York matchup in 2001 was probably the most emotional World Series. The game happened in the wake of the September 11 attacks on the USA. 

The scene at the Yankee Stadium was surreal, considering the circumstances. New York rallied for extra-inning wins in Games 4 and 5 despite being outscored 37-14 in the Series. 

However, Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson helped the Diamondbacks from a 3-2 hole to secure their only title in the bottom of the ninth in Game 7.

MLB Teams That Haven’t Won a World Series Title

Every team in a major league like the MLB enters the season with the hope of winning a championship. Unfortunately, only one squad can emerge as a winner. 

Below are the six MLB franchises that have yet to win their first MLB World Series title:

MLB Franchise Inception  World Series Appearances
Tampa Bay Rays  1998 1
Colorado Rockies 1993 1
Seattle Mariners 1977 0
Texas Rangers  1972 2
Milwaukee Brewers  1970 1
San Diego Padres  1969  2

Archived World Series Odds as of 2020

World Series: How to Bet

Betting on the World Series is simple, and the odds market is always open for business. 

To get an idea of the series bets, you need to bet on the winner of each series. Let’s say the Dodgers have a regular-season series of three games. They must win at least two of those three matchups for the bet to win. 

MLB: Other Ways to Bet 


The moneyline presents the odds of a team winning a matchup. A minus sign (-) represents the favorite, while a plus sign (+) represents the underdog. 

The signs indicate how either side of the bet will pay. The minus side will pay less than the original bet amount, while the plus side will pay more. 


A runline is usually set at either -1.5 or +1.5. It functions much like the point spread in other sports leagues, such as the NFL and NBA. 

MLB odds are assigned next to the favorite team (-1.5) and the underdog (+1.5). In a typical runline scenario, the favored team wins if they’re ahead by two or more runs. Meanwhile, a bet on the underdog wins if they lose by one run or win the game.

Over/Under (Total Runs)

The totals (over/under) bet is a bet on whether the combined number of runs scored by both teams in a game will be over or under the odds set. 

Series Line

Baseball is played in a multi-game series between two opposing teams. The most common series are three or four matches. Bets are available on which team will triumph in each matchup.  

Player Props

Player props are bets based on individual players reaching a particular benchmark within a matchup or a season. 

Seasonal examples include extra-base hits or home runs a player will hit in a particular season.  

Team Props

Team props are bets based on teams reaching a particular benchmark within a match. Examples include the number of runs a team will score by an inning within a game. 


Parlays are a series of bets that must all be accurate for a bettor to cash out. These types of bets offer more favorable odds and payouts because of the increased difficulty involved. 


  1. What are the different MLB divisions? 

    The Major League Baseball (MLB) has six divisions: 

    • American League Central (AL Central)
    • American League East (AL East)
    • American League West (AL West)
    • National League Central (NL Central)
    • National League East (NL East)
    • National League West (NL West)
  2. Where can I bet on the World Series?

    A Supreme Court ruling in May 2018 placed sports betting legalization into the hands of individual states in the US. So today, Nevada isn’t the only state that permits various kinds of legal sports betting. 

    Before you place a bet, ensure that your current location allows legal sports betting. Some states haven’t legalized online sports betting but allow daily fantasy sports to operate legally. Please check your state’s laws and policies regarding gambling first.

  3. How many World Series championships do the Dodgers have? 

    The Dodgers were the champions in 2020. The boys in blue defeated the Rays to win the World Series in six games held at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

    Overall, the Dodgers have seven World Series championships and 24 National League pennants. 

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