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The Stanley Cup is a prestigious trophy awarded to the champion of the annual National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs. Many sports betting enthusiasts look forward to betting on this championship match every year.

Bettors who want to place their bets on the team they believe will win The Cup can start betting futures as early as the preseason.

However, newbie bettors or bettors who have little to no experience with futures need more information before they can confidently start placing futures bets. They should understand how to read and bet on Stanley Cup odds and why Stanley Cup odds frequently change. addresses these concerns in this article to help you become a more confident bettor. We explain how to read Stanley Cup odds, how they work, and how to bet on them.

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What Are Futures Bets on Stanley Cup Odds?

Futures are bets that deal with outcomes that will be decided in the distant future. What makes futures bets interesting for some bettors is that you’re betting on the results of an entire competition or season. 

This betting method gives you a chance to bet on and cheer for your selected team for the duration of the competition or season.

In professional ice hockey sports betting, this type of bet usually pertains to matches or events that will happen after the regular season. Some NHL futures that bettors can bet on include:

  • Eastern Conference Winner
  • Western Conference Winner
  • State or Province Winner
  • Winning Nation
  • Hart Memorial Trophy

One of the most significant futures bets in ice hockey is on the Stanley Cup Final. The Stanley Cup trophy is awarded to the team that wins the NHL championship match.

Established in 1892, the Cup is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America. Known originally as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, the Stanley Cup is now sometimes referred to as Lord Stanley’s Cup, The Holy Grail, or simply, The Cup.

Before the regular NHL season starts, sportsbooks will set the futures betting lines on each team based on what the oddsmakers perceive will be the teams’ chances to win the championship.

By placing a bet on the Stanley Cup Final any time before it starts, you are making a futures bet.

For example, in October of the current year, you place a bet on the Toronto Maple Leafs to become the Stanley Cup champions next season the following year.

However, you will not see the outcome of your bet until the postseason championship match, which usually happens in July the following year.

You can also bet on the Stanley Cup during the postseason playoffs. Suppose it is still the first round of the playoffs. In that case, you can still bet on the championship match until right before the final match.

How Stanley Cup Futures Odds Work

Futures bets give bettors a chance for a high payout while betting only a relatively small stake. You can place a futures bet on a sporting event at any time, whether in the offseason, the regular season, or even during the postseason playoffs.

A futures bet can be made on a team that you think will qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs and win the championship trophy.

Eight teams from the Eastern Conference and eight teams from the Western Conference can qualify for the NHL playoffs. So, if you want to place a futures bet on the Stanley Cup winner, you have 16 teams to choose from.

Using $100 as the bet amount, let’s take the following futures odds as an example:

Tampa Bay Lightning +700

Vegas Golden Knights +850

Boston Bruins +1200

Toronto Maple Leafs +1400

Pittsburgh Penguins +1800

New York Rangers +2500

St. Louis Blues +4000

Seattle Kraken +5000

The Tampa Bay Lightning has the lowest betting odds among the teams on the list. This means that Tampa Bay is the most favored team, and the oddsmaker perceives Tampa Bay to have a higher chance of winning. 

However, Tampa Bay also has the lowest payout. If you bet on Tampa Bay at +700 odds with a $100 stake, your potential payout will be $800 if they win ($100 stake plus $700 profit).

On the other hand, the Seattle Kraken is considered a longshot because the team has the highest odds. Oddsmakers predict the team will have the least chance of victory. However, if they win The Cup, the payout is huge.

Suppose you bet $100 on the Kraken at +5000 odds. If they win, you can receive a $5,000 profit, giving you a total payout of $5,100.

How to Read NHL Stanley Cup Odds

You can bet on NHL Stanley Cup futures through an online sportsbook, like You may see Stanley Cup odds listed like this:

2022 NHL Stanley Cup Odds
Team Odds
Colorado Avalanche +500
Vegas Golden Knights +600
Tampa Bay Lightning +700
Carolina Hurricanes +1100
Boston Bruins +1400
Toronto Maple Leafs +1400
Florida Panthers +1800
Montreal Canadiens +2000
New York Islanders +2000
Minnesota Wild +2200
Edmonton Oilers +2500
Pittsburgh Penguins +2500
Washington Capitals +2500
New York Rangers +2800
St. Louis Blues +2800
Dallas Stars +3300
Philadelphia Flyers +3300
Nashville Predators +4000
Winnipeg Jets +4000
Calgary Flames +5000
Chicago Blackhawks +5000
Vancouver Canucks +5000
Ottawa Senators +6600
Los Angeles Kings +7000
Arizona Coyotes +7500
San Jose Sharks +8000
Anaheim Ducks +10000
Buffalo Sabres +10000
Columbus Blue Jackets +10000
Detroit Red Wings +10000
New Jersey Devils +10000
Seattle Kraken +10000

Reading Stanley Cup futures betting odds is similar to reading moneyline odds. However, unlike in a moneyline where there is one favorite team and one underdog, the team with the lowest odds in a futures bet list is considered the favorite.

In the futures odds examples in the table above, the Colorado Avalanche has the lowest odds and appears to be the favorite. Meanwhile, the Seattle Kraken is among the underdogs with the highest odds.

The odds are typically displayed using a $100 bet as a reference. This means that if you bet $100 on the Vegas Golden Knights at +600 odds, you will earn a $600 profit if they win.

However, it is also possible to place a bet lower than $100. In this case, a $50 bet on the Boston Bruins at +1400 odds will give you $700 ($700 = (1400/100) x $50).

Many online sportsbooks provide a bet slip that can automatically calculate your potential payout when you place your stake on the betting ticket.

You can also check your winnings beforehand using an online odds calculator, which is often available online for free. You may compute for futures odds or other types of bets such as moneylines, spreads or pucklines, totals, or even parlays.

With futures, it may take a while before you can see a return on your bet, unlike in traditional betting methods like pucklines or totals. If you place a futures bet early, expect to wait for days, weeks, or even months for the result.

Why Stanley Cup Odds Change

It is not uncommon for Stanley Cup futures odds to change over time. 

Oddsmakers often set the odds before the regular season begins based on betting information they have at that time. As new info comes in, odds may change as well.

Since bookies set the futures odds before the next season begins, you can start betting on Stanley Cup futures as early as the preseason.

As the season progresses, the odds can change depending on several factors, like wins, losses, injuries, roster changes, and even changes of coaches.

For example, a longshot team or an underdog with extremely high odds manages to score an upset and win a couple of games. This situation may cause the team’s odds to decrease. If you bet on the team after they won those games, you might get a lower payout than if you bet earlier.

Another reason odds change is due to betting patterns.

For example, if a large bet was placed on a specific team, the oddsmakers might lower that team’s odds. This action is usually done to entice bettors to root for both teams and keep the money evenly distributed throughout all markets.

How to Bet on the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup futures is simple to understand as it has similarities with moneyline bets and is considered an “odds to win” bet.

In a moneyline “odds to win” bet, you select a team that you believe will win in a matchup. In a futures bet, matchups are likely not yet determined, so you choose the team from a list of potential contenders instead.

When you make a futures bet, the money you stake at the time of the bet will be locked with the sportsbook. This way, the odds you bet on stay the same even when the oddsmaker changes the odds later on.

Suppose you bet on the Anaheim Ducks at +10000 odds, and later those odds change to +5000 and then again to +3000. If the Ducks win, the payout you receive will still be based on the +10000 you bet on.

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