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NBA Odds

The NBA is one of the most loved sports leagues in the world. It has a significant impact on and off the court, resulting in massive fan bases in every country.

NBA betting is big business, so there may be a demand for excellent betting tips. This article discusses the different types of NBA bets and strategies to increase your chances of winning.

At, we’re here to help you analyze the NBA betting lines and odds accordingly. We are a licensed sportsbook dedicated to giving you the best NBA odds.

Reading NBA Odds

The favorite team is always preceded by a minus sign (-), whereas the underdog is represented by a plus sign (+). Both the moneyline and the point spread use this method.

NBA Point Spread

A point spread has two main components: the line and the juice. The “line” is a projection of the margin of victory.

For example, the Los Angeles Lakers are -6 against the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers must win by at least seven points to cover the spread. If the Nuggets win or lose by five points or fewer, you have a winning bet.

Spreads differ from game to game. The common factors that affect the point spread include the quality of the teams, the location of the matchup, player injuries, and the action of bettors.

With LeBron James’s strong leadership and a promising player like Anthony Davis, L.A. may be -6 at home against Denver. However, without those players, the Lakers may be +8 against the Nuggets.

The “juice” is the amount you pay to the sportsbook. It is already incorporated into the odds.

NBA Moneyline

A moneyline bet on the NBA requires you to choose the outright winner of a game. However, keep in mind that oddsmakers will adjust the odds based on a team’s quality and other factors like player injuries.

For example, the Lakers are the favorite with -250. If you bet a hundred dollars on them, L.A. must be the straight-up winner of the game. You will earn $250 plus your original bet amount of $100 if the Lakers triumph.

Let’s say the Nuggets are +200. You’ll win $200 if you risk a hundred-dollar bet on them and Denver pulls off an upset.

NBA Totals (Over/Under)

Over/under or totals bets require bettors to choose whether or not the total points in a matchup will be over the amount listed.

For example, the Lakers-Nuggets total score is 228.5. If you bet on “over” and both teams have combined points of 229, you win. On the contrary, if you bet on “under” and the final score is 228 or fewer, you’ll also cash out.

NBA Bets and Betting Tips

Aside from point spreads, moneyline, and over/under bets, other betting options are also available.

Below are other ways to bet on the NBA:


Futures bets allow bettors to stake in advance on major NBA events throughout the season. Generally, futures focus on either the most promising individual of the league or a basketball team’s achievements.

For example, you can bet on the NBA conferences: the Western Conference or the Eastern Conference championships. You can also bet on player futures, such as who will get the different prestigious NBA awards.

There are various NBA futures markets available. The most popular futures include:

  1. Who will win the NBA championship?
  2. Which teams will make the NBA playoffs?
  3. Who will win MVP?
  4. Who will be awarded Rookie of the Year?
  5. Who will be hailed Sixth Man of the Year?
  6. Who will be Defensive Player of the Year?

Timing is everything with futures bets. The earlier you pounce on the action, the better your payout will be. You also need to gather more data and analyze it for a successful bet.

Prop Bets

A prop (proposition) is a bet based on occurrences in a sports event that does not affect the outcome or the final score of a particular game. It’s also called a novelty bet since it can revolve around an individual player or a specific team’s milestones.

With so many basketball players reaching superstar status, player props have been among the most popular betting options in the NBA.

Player props are lines set by sportsbooks where bettors predict whether a particular player will over-perform or underperform.

Here are examples of player props for the Golden State Warriors:

  1. Will Steph Curry score over or under 33.5 points?
  2. Will Draymond Green get over or under 7.5 rebounds?

If you want to turn prop betting into a revenue stream, you must know the difference between fun and skilled prop bets.

You should make educated picks, especially if your goal is to be a long-term winner. If a prop bet doesn’t require the skills to predict the winning side, stay away from it.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are different fantasy sports games where contests happen in a matter of hours or days rather than a whole season.

As with traditional fantasy sports betting, players create imaginary teams from a pool of professional athletes. They obtain points based on the performance of their selected team members.

Betting on daily fantasy sports is legal across the United States. According to federal law, fantasy sports are considered a game of skill, so they aren’t gambling.

The legality of fantasy sports was first introduced in 1999. The Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act was finalized in 2006. You can read the complete text here.

DFS is a fast-paced variant of traditional fantasy sports. It is conducted in a short-term period like a single-day matchup instead of an entire season. So if you want to succeed betting on daily fantasy NBA, you need a tactic that you can execute in a short amount of time.

Betting Against the Public

Betting against the public, also known as “fading the public,” is a betting system of going against whatever side the majority is backing.

Though fading the public may seem like a good strategy, keep in mind that you can’t just blindly take the opposite side.

To ensure a winning bet, you must check the public betting percentages, observe the line movement, and incorporate good timing into the equation.

It would help if you also looked at the pro report to see what the experts say regarding the NBA picks and betting methods.

The NBA Conferences

NBA betting is fun and potentially profitable at the same time. Before diving into it, below is the complete list of NBA teams and their respective conferences:

The Eastern Conference

Below are the 15 teams playing for the NBA Eastern Conference:

  1. Philadelphia 76ers
  2. Brooklyn Nets
  3. Milwaukee Bucks
  4. New York Knicks
  5. Atlanta Hawks
  6. Miami Heat
  7. Boston Celtics
  8. Washington Wizards
  9. Indiana Pacers
  10. Charlotte Hornets
  11. Chicago Bulls
  12. Toronto Raptors
  13. Cleveland Cavaliers
  14. Orlando Magic
  15. Detroit Pistons
The Western Conference

Below are the 15 teams playing for the NBA Western Conference:

  1. Utah Jazz
  2. Phoenix Suns
  3. Denver Nuggets
  4. Los Angeles Clippers
  5. Dallas Mavericks
  6. Portland Trail Blazers
  7. Los Angeles Lakers
  8. Memphis Grizzlies
  9. Golden State Warriors
  10. San Antonio Spurs
  11. New Orleans Pelicans
  12. Sacramento Kings
  13. Minnesota Timberwolves
  14. Oklahoma City Thunder
  15. Houston Rockets

Visit the official NBA page to know more about each team’s standings, the NBA finals, playoffs, and regular-season matchups.

Looking at archives and historical data may also help you bet accordingly. You may search for the top teams with the most NBA titles and the best NBA games in history to help you read championship odds better.


  1. Can you place parlay bets on the NBA?

Yes. You can bet on multiple odds and win a higher payout if all your bets win. If you choose to create an NBA parlay, you can combine different NBA picks from various markets (moneyline, point spread, and totals, for instance).

  1. Are Vegas odds the same as online sportsbook odds?

Legal online sports betting has become increasingly available across the U.S. “Las Vegas odds” is a term used to show the betting lines system in Vegas. Today, the term has become more like a catch-all phrase to describe the odds offered by most sportsbooks.

  1. How do I handicap different NBA matches?

The best method to handicap NBA games is through watching the matches consistently. Watching various matchups can help you identify trends for future matchups or live betting.

  1. How do odds work in the NBA?

Oddsmakers will set the odds for the NBA based on the individual team’s implied probability of winning a match.

The odds for daily NBA games will open the night before the scheduled matchup. The betting lines will then move based on game-related news and betting actions until tip-off.

Whether you’re a first-time bettor or a pro, NBA betting can be exciting. With tons of bets, a packed schedule, and nail-biting action, wagering on the NBA can be both thrilling and profitable.

Contact us today at for more information on the NBA betting odds. MaximBet also offers bets on other major sporting leagues, such as the MLB, NFL, NHL, and UFC.