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NFL Odds

NFL Betting Lines

Knowing how to read the NFL betting lines correctly and the types of bets that work is crucial when staking on NFL odds.

Many newbie bettors may look at these NFL spreads and NFL lines and think understanding these odds is similar to learning a new language. However, reading the lines is essential to make informed bets that will lead to successful online sports betting.

With proper guidance, learning how NFL betting works is pretty straightforward. For this reason, we have written this short guide to assist you in understanding how football betting works, what to look out for, and some extra tips to get you started.

At, we have a user-friendly interface designed to ensure transparency, security, and simplicity of use. You can also access NFL game odds through the app on any iOS or Android device.

How to Read NFL Betting Odds

Using the NFL Odds Page

Shopping for betting lines is a common practice among bettors. It means they're trying to find which sportsbook offers the best odds and prices.

Below are a few more things to remember:

  1. You don't have to sort through numerous sportsbooks to find the one which offers the best odds. You only need to read some reviews and check if the sportsbook you're eyeing has a comprehensive list of sporting events where you can place your bet.
  2. Most sportsbooks offer markets on the entire game and other timeframes like the first quarter or the second half.
  3. If you're in a state where betting is legal, you'll see the odds and prices on the sportsbooks available to you.

NFL Betting Strategies

NFL Point Spread

One of the things first-time bettors should learn when betting on the NFL is how the point spread system works.

Oddsmakers are professionals who set the line or point spread. These experts choose a line that they believe will offer the fairest value for bettors on both sides.

Oddsmakers look at different stats, trends, and other factors that help them determine the possible outcome of the game. They also consider the popularity of a team based on the betting lines, just like the odds of the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs.

Given these two teams' popularity, they are expected to get a lot of bets in. Therefore, the oddsmakers will increase their line by a few points in their favor.

Oddsmakers are experts who set the number, while the bettors put money on the side they think will win. These bettors can also influence the line if a lot of cash is headed towards a specific game.

In addition, every spread comes with a favorite and an underdog. Favorites are the teams expected to win, while the underdogs are the ones expected to lose.

Moreover, there's also an over/under total for every NFL matchup. It's the total points both teams are predicted to make during a certain matchup.

Below is an example of a spread:

Team Spread Total
Los Angeles Rams -7.5 O/U
New York Giants +7.5 47

In the table above, the Rams have a -7.5 spread. The minus sign means that Los Angeles is expected to win by at least 7.5 points. Meanwhile, the Giants are expected to lose by 7.5 points.

Meanwhile, O/U stands for "over/under," which is the total projected points for the entire matchup.

If you bet on Los Angeles and they win the game by at least eight points or more, you win the bet. On the other hand, if the Rams only score seven points or less, you lose. If you bet on New York and they lose by less than 7.5 points or win the game outright, the Giants cover the spread.

As for the over/under, oddsmakers think that the matchup will reach 47 points in total. If you feel like the two teams will make more than that number, you should choose "over". If you believe otherwise, pick the "under" bet.

If the final score is a total of 47 points, you will get what is known as a "push," which means you'll be refunded your bet.

NFL Over/Under

Over/under bets, also known as totals, are bets on the total points that both teams will score in a matchup. It doesn't matter which team will win or by how much. The over/under bet is about the total points.

For example, the Steelers and the Bills have a match. The oddsmakers might set the point total at 50 points. You can bet on either side of that number.

"Over" bettors would win if Pittsburgh and Buffalo have a combined score of 51 or more points. In contrast, "under" bettors would cash in at 49 or fewer points. The matchup could land at precisely 50 points.

Let's say it's a 30-20 game — in which case the bets would "push," and there would be a refund.

NFL Moneylines

As for moneyline, expect to see something similar to the example below:

Game Moneyline Spread Total
Miami Dolphins -500 -7.5 (-115) O/U
Las Vegas Raiders +425 +7.5 (EVEN) 47 (-110)

Moneyline or ML refers to the odds of a team winning the game straight up. Many bettors prefer staking on the winners or losers of a matchup, so they choose ML.

In the table above, Miami is set at -500 to win the game this week. If you want a safer choice than going for a point spread, you can play for the -500 for the Dolphins. For you to win $100, you'll need to bet $500.

However, if you think that Las Vegas will win, placing $100 on them would give you $425 if they win. The odds here are the Raiders are 4.25-to-1.

You'll also see a number with the point spread (anything between even to -125). With Miami (-115), bettors will have to put down $115 to get back $100. For those individuals betting on Las Vegas, they'll get $100 back even if they put down $100.

A "minus" ML means you won't win back the exact amount you bet, while the "plus" ML entails the opposite.

NFL Parlay and Teaser Bets

Parlays come in when bettors try to win big. A parlay is when you bet on a combination of outcomes in which every play has to win for you to get a payout. With more point spreads comes longer odds and more money for you to cash out, just like in the MLB or NHL.

Below is an example of a list of teams in a parlay bet:

  1. Denver Broncos/Cleveland Browns “over” 52 points total
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3.5 at Carolina Panthers
  3. Arizona Cardinals +14 at Los Angeles Rams
  4. Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles

If you bet on this setup for your parlay and win all except the fourth one on the list, you still lose the bet. A parlay winner has to win all of their bets to cash out.

Often, a four-team point spread parlay has 13-1 odds. Placing down $50 will give you $650 in return if you win. The table below shows the odds to expect for point spread parlays:

Parlay Odds
2-Team Parlay Winner -2.5-1
3-Team Parlay Winner 6.5-1
4-Team Parlay Winner 13-1
5-Team Parlay Winner 25-1
6-Team Parlay Winner 50-1
7-Team Parlay Winner 100-1

A teaser is also popular among NFL bettors. In a teaser, an individual can play two or more games by changing the football lines.

Most teasers let bettors adjust the point spread by six or seven points. However, let’s stick to the standard six-point matchup for now.

For example, you have the following spreads:

  • San Francisco 49ers -8 vs. Green Bay Packers
  • Buffalo Bills +2 vs. Los Angeles Chargers

In the above example, you’re betting on San Francisco and the Bills. You wish to adjust each of their spreads by six points. By teasing the points in favor of your team, the 49ers’ odds become -2, and the Bills get +8. Your selected teams need to cover these numbers for you to win.

However, remember that the odds for teasers are different from parlays. Usually, a two-team teaser has a money value of -110. Still, many people enjoy betting on teasers in the NFL.

For example, they may bet on the Green Bay Packers -7 over the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Minnesota Vikings -7 over the Seattle Seahawks. They can lower both points by one point and go with the Packers and the Vikings.

NFL Extra Bets

NFL Futures and Prop Bets

Before the NFL regular season begins, you may notice many people talking about futures bets.

A futures bet involves playing for the success of a particular team or person for the upcoming season. This type of bet may include the betting odds to win the AFC championship, the NY Jets scoring a specific point during playoffs, or the total goals for both the LA Chargers and the LA Rams.

Here’s an example of a standard futures bet involving the odds of winning the Super Bowl this 2021 NFL season. See the list below:

Team Super Bowl odds
Kansas City Chiefs +500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600
Buffalo Bills +1,100
Los Angeles Rams +1,300
Baltimore Ravens +1,400
San Francisco 49ers +1,400
Cleveland Browns +1,600
Green Bay Packers +2,000
Seattle Seahawks +2,500
New Orleans Saints +2,500
Indianapolis Colts +2,800
New England Patriots +2,800
Tennessee Titans +2,800
Dallas Cowboys +3,000
Los Angeles Chargers +3,000
Miami Dolphins +3,500
Denver Broncos +3,500
Arizona Cardinals +4,000
Pittsburgh Steelers +4,000
Washington Football Team (formerly Washington Redskins) +4,000
Minnesota Vikings +5,000
Chicago Bears +6,000
Atlanta Falcons +8,000
Carolina Panthers +8,000
Las Vegas Raiders +8,000
New York Giants +8,000
Philadelphia Eagles +10,000
Jacksonville Jaguars +10,000
New York Jets +15,000
Cincinnati Bengals +15,000
Detroit Lions +20,000
Houston Texans +20,000

Many bettors look for value when placing future bets and play for that amount. For example, you can place a bet on Houston to win the Super Bowl with their odds sitting at +20,000. If you put a $100 bet on the Texans, and they ended up as champions, you get at least $20,000 in winnings.

Meanwhile, a prop bet revolves around the performance of an individual player or a team. It may also be a bet on a particular event during a matchup.

Some examples of prop bets include a player achieving the longest touchdown, a team’s total score, and whether or not a particular play scores a goal.

It’s even possible to bet on coin tosses, if an OT will happen, or if there’s a defensive TD. In the Super Bowl, you can also bet on the specific time when the national anthem will be sung.

NFL Betting Tips

Public Betting Percentages

Check the betting data, including the number of bets and how much money is placed on these stakes. It’s up to you whether you’ll follow the majority or not. The bottom line here is for you to be better informed.

Pro Projections

NFL handicappers are experts who project the outcome of every single game in different leagues, such as the NFC, NBA, and NFL. They look at all factors, including the team’s recent performance, standings, and critical injuries.

Measuring all those essential factors can be overwhelming as a casual bettor, so feel free to lean on the pros.

Moreover, it would help if you read news and reports about different NFL matchups. That way, you’ll be well-informed about the history of the NFL teams, their standings, and even expert projections of the game based on a team’s record.

NFL Picks

NFL picks are usually based on a team’s current standing. You may want to consider these before you start betting. However, upsets are common in pro football games, so make sure to read, research, and consider the experts’ opinions when placing NFL bets.

Tips to Manage Your Bankroll

For newbie bettors, it’s advisable to play with a sufficient amount and never go past 25% of your balance. When you’re winning, you can expand and bet more to increase your payout. However, you should avoid making up for losses in a single bet

Ensure to practice self-control and avoid going for a one-time bet to win all the money you lost. Be wise about it and accept your losses.

NFL Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does +200 mean in NFL odds?

A +200 NFL moneyline means that you could win $200 on a successful $100 bet.

2. Why would I bet on unfavorable NFL odds?

If the odds are negative (-), it means that outcome is more likely to occur, and you would get less payouts than the bet amount you placed. Meanwhile, if the odds are positive (+), it means that outcome is less likely to happen, and you could possibly earn more than the amount you bet.

3. What are the NFL odds for this week’s games?

You’ll find the NFL odds for each week’s games on our page — from Week 1 of the NFL to the playoffs to the Super Bowl.

4. How can I win betting on the NFL?

You may find it hard to bet on the NFL because the lines are very accurate. The more popular a sport, the sharper the lines.

Still, there are many ways to win money betting in the NFL, including taking advantage of player props. When betting, you should leave no stone unturned.

Ensure to find betting value in different options and study the market movement and historical betting systems to increase your chances of winning.

5. What are the Vegas NFL odds?

The big sportsbooks in Nevada set the Las Vegas NFL odds. The odds are featured on TV when analysts preview matches. Before, Nevada was the only state in America with legal sports betting.

Today, however, many states in the U.S. have legalized sports betting after the Supreme Court struck down a federal ban in 2018.

For this reason, Vegas NFL odds don’t have the same level of prominence as before.

Gambling has its highs and lows, with hot and cold stretches, too. So it’s always good to take a step back and regroup when you’re down.

The bottom line is you should play smart. Have fun, and don’t get emotionally attached. Contact us today at for more information on the best NFL teams and betting odds.